G11.0   Congenital nonprogressive ataxia
G11.1   Early-onset cerebellar ataxia
G11.2   Late-onset cerebellar ataxia
G11.3   Cerebellar ataxia with defective DNA repair
G11.4   Hereditary spastic paraplegia
G11.8   Other hereditary ataxias
G11.9   Hereditary ataxia, unspecified
G32.81   Cerebellar ataxia in diseases classified elsewhere
G36.0   Neuromyelitis optica Devic
G36.1   Acute and subacute hemorrhagic leukoencephalitis Hurst
G36.8   Other specified acute disseminated demyelination
G36.9   Acute disseminated demyelination, unspecified
G37.0   Diffuse sclerosis of central nervous system
G37.1   Central demyelination of corpus callosum
G37.2   Central pontine myelinolysis
G37.5   Concentric sclerosis Balo of central nervous system
G37.8   Other specified demyelinating diseases of central nervous system
G37.9   Demyelinating disease of central nervous system, unspecified