A06.4   Amebic liver abscess
A51.45   Secondary syphilitic hepatitis
A52.74   Syphilis of liver and other viscera
B15.0   Hepatitis A with hepatic coma
B15.9   Hepatitis A without hepatic coma
B16.0   Acute hepatitis B with delta-agent with hepatic coma
B16.1   Acute hepatitis B with delta-agent without hepatic coma
B16.2   Acute hepatitis B without delta-agent with hepatic coma
B16.9   Acute hepatitis B without delta-agent and without hepatic coma
B17.0   Acute delta-(super) infection of hepatitis B carrier
B17.10   Acute hepatitis C without hepatic coma
B17.11   Acute hepatitis C with hepatic coma
B17.2   Acute hepatitis E
B17.8   Other specified acute viral hepatitis
B17.9   Acute viral hepatitis, unspecified
B18.0   Chronic viral hepatitis B with delta-agent
B18.1   Chronic viral hepatitis B without delta-agent
B18.2   Chronic viral hepatitis C
B18.8   Other chronic viral hepatitis
B18.9   Chronic viral hepatitis, unspecified
B19.0   Unspecified viral hepatitis with hepatic coma
B19.10   Unspecified viral hepatitis B without hepatic coma
B19.11   Unspecified viral hepatitis B with hepatic coma
B19.20   Unspecified viral hepatitis C without hepatic coma
B19.21   Unspecified viral hepatitis C with hepatic coma
B19.9   Unspecified viral hepatitis without hepatic coma
B25.1   Cytomegaloviral hepatitis
B26.81   Mumps hepatitis
B58.1   Toxoplasma hepatitis
B65.1   Schistosomiasis due to Schistosoma mansoni intestinal schistosomiasis
B66.0   Opisthorchiasis
B66.1   Clonorchiasis
B66.3   Fascioliasis
B66.5   Fasciolopsiasis
B67.0   Echinococcus granulosus infection of liver
B67.5   Echinococcus multilocularis infection of liver
B67.8   Echinococcosis, unspecified, of liver
D13.4   Benign neoplasm of liver
D13.5   Benign neoplasm of extrahepatic bile ducts
E80.4   Gilbert syndrome
E80.5   Crigler-Najjar syndrome
E80.6   Other disorders of bilirubin metabolism
E80.7   Disorder of bilirubin metabolism, unspecified
I82.0   Budd-Chiari syndrome
K70.0   Alcoholic fatty liver
K71.0   Toxic liver disease with cholestasis
K71.10   Toxic liver disease with hepatic necrosis, without coma
K71.11   Toxic liver disease with hepatic necrosis, with coma
K71.2   Toxic liver disease with acute hepatitis
K71.3   Toxic liver disease with chronic persistent hepatitis
K71.4   Toxic liver disease with chronic lobular hepatitis
K71.50   Toxic liver disease with chronic active hepatitis without ascites
K71.51   Toxic liver disease with chronic active hepatitis with ascites
K71.6   Toxic liver disease with hepatitis, not elsewhere classified
K71.7   Toxic liver disease with fibrosis and cirrhosis of liver
K71.8   Toxic liver disease with other disorders of liver
K71.9   Toxic liver disease, unspecified
K72.00   Acute and subacute hepatic failure without coma
K72.01   Acute and subacute hepatic failure with coma
K72.10   Chronic hepatic failure without coma
K72.11   Chronic hepatic failure with coma
K72.90   Hepatic failure, unspecified without coma
K72.91   Hepatic failure, unspecified with coma
K73.0   Chronic persistent hepatitis, not elsewhere classified
K73.1   Chronic lobular hepatitis, not elsewhere classified
K73.2   Chronic active hepatitis, not elsewhere classified
K73.8   Other chronic hepatitis, not elsewhere classified
K73.9   Chronic hepatitis, unspecified
K74.1   Hepatic sclerosis
K74.2   Hepatic fibrosis with hepatic sclerosis
K75.0   Abscess of liver
K75.1   Phlebitis of portal vein
K75.2   Nonspecific reactive hepatitis
K75.3   Granulomatous hepatitis, not elsewhere classified
K75.4   Autoimmune hepatitis
K75.81   Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)
K75.89   Other specified inflammatory liver diseases
K75.9   Inflammatory liver disease, unspecified
K76.0   Fatty (change of) liver, not elsewhere classified
K76.1   Chronic passive congestion of liver
K76.2   Central hemorrhagic necrosis of liver
K76.3   Infarction of liver
K76.4   Peliosis hepatis
K76.5   Hepatic veno-occlusive disease
K76.6   Portal hypertension
K76.7   Hepatorenal syndrome
K76.89   Other specified diseases of liver
K76.9   Liver disease, unspecified
Q44.0   Agenesis, aplasia and hypoplasia of gallbladder
Q44.1   Other congenital malformations of gallbladder
Q44.4   Choledochal cyst
Q44.5   Other congenital malformations of bile ducts
Q44.6   Cystic disease of liver
Q44.7   Other congenital malformations of liver
R16.0   Hepatomegaly, not elsewhere classified
R16.2   Hepatomegaly with splenomegaly, not elsewhere classified
R82.2   Biliuria
R94.5   Abnormal results of liver function studies
S36.112A   Contusion of liver, initial encounter
S36.113A   Laceration of liver, unspecified degree, initial encounter
S36.114A   Minor laceration of liver, initial encounter
S36.115A   Moderate laceration of liver, initial encounter
S36.116A   Major laceration of liver, initial encounter
S36.118A   Other injury of liver, initial encounter
S36.119A   Unspecified injury of liver, initial encounter
T86.40   Unspecified complication of liver transplant
T86.41   Liver transplant rejection
T86.42   Liver transplant failure
T86.43   Liver transplant infection
T86.49   Other complications of liver transplant
Z52.6   Liver donor
Z94.4   Liver transplant status