HCPCS 2018

A4611 Battery, heavy duty; replacement for patient owned ventilator
A4612 Battery cables; replacement for patient-owned ventilator
A4613 Battery charger; replacement for patient-owned ventilator
A4614 Peak expiratory flow rate meter, hand held
A4615 Cannula, nasal
A4616 Tubing (oxygen), per foot
A4617 Mouth piece
A4618 Breathing circuits
A4619 Face tent
A4620 Variable concentration mask
A4623 Tracheostomy, inner cannula
A4624 Tracheal suction catheter, any type other than closed system, each
A4625 Tracheostomy care kit for new tracheostomy
A4626 Tracheostomy cleaning brush, each
A4627 Spacer, bag or reservoir, with or without mask, for use with metered dose inhaler
A4628 Oropharyngeal suction catheter, each
A4629 Tracheostomy care kit for established tracheostomy