HCPCS 2018

E0200 Heat lamp, without stand (table model), includes bulb, or infrared element
E0202 Phototherapy (bilirubin) light with photometer
E0203 Therapeutic lightbox, minimum 10,000 lux, table top model
E0205 Heat lamp, with stand, includes bulb, or infrared element
E0210 Electric heat pad, standard
E0215 Electric heat pad, moist
E0217 Water circulating heat pad with pump
E0218 Water circulating cold pad with pump
E0221 Infrared heating pad system
E0225 Hydrocollator unit, includes pads
E0231 Non-contact wound warming device (temperature control unit, ac adapter and power cord) for use with warming card and wound cover
E0232 Warming card for use with the non contact wound warming device and non contact wound warming wound cover
E0235 Paraffin bath unit, portable (see medical supply code a4265 for paraffin)
E0236 Pump for water circulating pad
E0239 Hydrocollator unit, portable