HCPCS 2021

V2300 Sphere, trifocal, plano to plus or minus 4.00d, per lens
V2301 Sphere, trifocal, plus or minus 4.12 to plus or minus 7.00d, per lens
V2302 Sphere, trifocal, plus or minus 7.12 to plus or minus 20.00, per lens
V2315 Lenticular, (myodisc), per lens, trifocal
V2318 Aniseikonic lens, trifocal
V2319 Trifocal seg width over 28 mm
V2320 Trifocal add over 3.25d
V2321 Lenticular lens, per lens, trifocal
V2399 Specialty trifocal (by report)