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F45.8 Other somatoform disorders
Billable Code  is a billable ICD-10-CM code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reimbursement purposes.
ICD-10-CM F45.8 converts approximately to:ICD-9-CM
2015 ICD-9-CM 306.0 Musculoskeletal malfunction arising from mental factors
ICD-10-CM F45.8 converts approximately to:ICD-9-CM
2015 ICD-9-CM 306.2 Cardiovascular malfunction arising from mental factors
ICD-10-CM F45.8 converts approximately to:ICD-9-CM
2015 ICD-9-CM 306.4 Gastrointestinal malfunction arising from mental factors
ICD-10-CM F45.8 converts approximately to:ICD-9-CM
2015 ICD-9-CM 306.52 Psychogenic dysmenorrhea
ICD-10-CM F45.8 converts approximately to:ICD-9-CM
2015 ICD-9-CM 306.53 Psychogenic dysuria
ICD-10-CM F45.8 converts approximately to:ICD-9-CM
2015 ICD-9-CM 306.7 Disorder of organs of special sense arising from mental factors
ICD-10-CM F45.8 converts approximately to:ICD-9-CM
2015 ICD-9-CM 300.89 Other somatoform disorders
ICD-10-CM F45.8 converts approximately to:ICD-9-CM
2015 ICD-9-CM 306.1 Respiratory malfunction arising from mental factors
ICD-10-CM F45.8 converts approximately to:ICD-9-CM
2015 ICD-9-CM 306.3 Skin disorder arising from mental factors
ICD-10-CM F45.8 converts approximately to:ICD-9-CM
2015 ICD-9-CM 306.50 Psychogenic genitourinary malfunction, unspecified
ICD-10-CM F45.8 converts approximately to:ICD-9-CM
2015 ICD-9-CM 306.59 Other genitourinary malfunction arising from mental factors
ICD-10-CM F45.8 converts approximately to:ICD-9-CM
2015 ICD-9-CM 306.8 Other specified psychophysiological malfunction
ICD-10-CM F45.8is grouped within Diagnostic Related Group(s) (MS-DRG v30.0)
Type 1 Excludes
sleep related teeth grinding (G47.63)
Alternate Description
Psychogenic dysmenorrhea
Psychogenic dysphagia, including 'globus hystericus'
Psychogenic pruritus
Psychogenic torticollis
Somatoform autonomic dysfunction
Teeth grinding
ICD-10-CM Index Entry
ICD-10-CM Index entries containing back-references to ICD-10-CM '.F45.8.'
Achlorhydria, achlorhydric (neurogenic); psychogenic
Achylia gastrica; psychogenic
Acid; stomach; psychogenic
Acidity, gastric (high); psychogenic
Action, heart; irregular; psychogenic
Aerophagy, aerophagia (psychogenic)
Air; hunger, psychogenic
Anacidity, gastric; psychogenic
Apepsia; psychogenic
Arrhythmia (auricle)(cardiac)(juvenile)(nodal) (reflex)(sinus)(supraventricular)(transitory)(ventricle); psychogenic
Asthenia, asthenic; cardiac; psychogenic
Asthenia, asthenic; cardiovascular; psychogenic
Asthenia, asthenic; heart; psychogenic
Asthenia, asthenic; myocardial; psychogenic
Asthenia, asthenic; neurocirculatory
Atonia, atony, atonic; cecum; psychogenic
Atonia, atony, atonic; intestine; psychogenic
Atonia, atony, atonic; stomach; neurotic or psychogenic
Bruxism; psychogenic
Colic (bilious) (infantile) (intestinal) (recurrent) (spasmodic); abdomen; psychogenic
Colic (bilious) (infantile) (intestinal) (recurrent) (spasmodic); hysterical
Colic (bilious) (infantile) (intestinal) (recurrent) (spasmodic); psychogenic
Collapse; neurocirculatory
Complaint; bowel, functional; psychogenic
Complaint; intestine, functional; psychogenic
Constipation (atonic) (neurogenic) (simple) (spastic); psychogenic
Contraction (s), contracture, contracted; hourglass; stomach; psychogenic
Contraction (s), contracture, contracted; muscle (postinfective) (postural) NEC; psychogenic
Contraction (s), contracture, contracted; pylorus NEC; psychogenic
Contraction (s), contracture, contracted; stomach; hourglass; psychogenic
Contraction (s), contracture, contracted; stomach; psychogenic
Cough (affected) (chronic) (epidemic) (nervous); functional
Cough (affected) (chronic) (epidemic) (nervous); hysterical
Cough (affected) (chronic) (epidemic) (nervous); psychogenic
Cramp (s); colic; psychogenic
Cramp (s); intestinal; psychogenic
Cramp (s); muscle (limb) (general); psychogenic
Crisis; oculogyric; psychogenic
Da Costa's syndrome
Diarrhea, diarrheal (disease) (infantile) (inflammatory); functional; psychogenic
Diarrhea, diarrheal (disease) (infantile) (inflammatory); nervous
Diarrhea, diarrheal (disease) (infantile) (inflammatory); psychogenic
Dilatation; colon; psychogenic
Dilatation; ileum; psychogenic
Dilatation; jejunum; psychogenic
Dilatation; stomach; psychogenic
Disease, diseased; bowel; functional; psychogenic
Disease, diseased; esophagus; psychogenic
Disease, diseased; gastrointestinal (tract); functional; psychogenic
Disease, diseased; heart (organic); functional; psychogenic
Disease, diseased; heart (organic); psychogenic (functional)
Disease, diseased; intestine; functional; psychogenic
Disease, diseased; stomach; functional, psychogenic
Disorder (of); digestive (system); psychogenic
Disorder (of); esophagus; psychogenic
Disorder (of); gastric (functional); psychogenic
Disorder (of); gastrointestinal (functional) NOS; psychogenic
Disorder (of); genitourinary system; psychogenic
Disorder (of); intestine, intestinal; psychogenic
Disorder (of); joint; psychogenic
Disorder (of); menstrual; psychogenic
Disorder (of); micturition NEC; psychogenic
Disorder (of); muscle; psychogenic
Disorder (of); musculoskeletal system, soft tissue; psychogenic
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; cardiovascular (system)
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; digestive (system)
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; dysmenorrheic
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; dyspneic
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; eye NEC
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; functional NEC
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; gastric
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; gastrointestinal (system)
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; genitourinary (system)
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; heart (function) (rhythm)
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; hyperventilatory
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; intestinal
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; joint
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; limb
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; lymphatic (system)
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; menstrual
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; micturition
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; muscle
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; musculoskeletal
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; neurocirculatory
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; organ or part of body NEC
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; physical NEC
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; rectal
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; respiratory (system)
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; rheumatic
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; specified part of body NEC
Disorder (of); psychogenic NOS; stomach
Disorder (of); respiratory function, impaired; psychogenic
Disorder (of); sense of smell; psychogenic
Disorder (of); somatoform; specified NEC
Distension, distention; stomach; psychogenic
Distress; gastrointestinal (functional); psychogenic
Distress; intestinal (functional) NOS; psychogenic
Distress; respiratory; psychogenic
Disturbance (s); digestive; psychogenic
Disturbance (s); gastrointestinal (functional); psychogenic
Disturbance (s); ocular motion; psychogenic
Disturbance (s); oculogyric; psychogenic
Disturbance (s); oculomotor; psychogenic
Dizziness; psychogenic
Dysfunction; autonomic; somatoform
Dysfunction; colon; psychogenic
Dysfunction; rectum; psychogenic
Dysfunction; somatoform autonomic
Dysfunction; stomach; psychogenic
Dysmenorrhea (essential) (exfoliative); psychogenic
Dyspepsia; nervous
Dyspepsia; neurotic
Dyspepsia; psychogenic
Dysphagia; functional (hysterical)
Dysphagia; hysterical
Dysphagia; nervous (hysterical)
Dysphagia; psychogenic
Dyspnea (nocturnal) (paroxysmal); functional
Dyspnea (nocturnal) (paroxysmal); hysterical
Dyspnea (nocturnal) (paroxysmal); psychogenic
Dysuria; psychogenic
Effort syndrome (psychogenic)
Enterospasm; psychogenic
Eructation; nervous or psychogenic
False; pregnancy
Flatulence; psychogenic
Frequency micturition (nocturnal); psychogenic
Gastrectasis; psychogenic
Gastrorrhagia; psychogenic
Gastrospasm (neurogenic) (reflex); neurotic
Gastrospasm (neurogenic) (reflex); psychogenic
Gastrosuccorrhea (continuous) (intermittent); neurotic
Gastrosuccorrhea (continuous) (intermittent); psychogenic
Giddiness; psychogenic
Globus (hystericus)
Grinding, teeth; psychogenic
Heartburn; psychogenic
Hiccup, hiccough; psychogenic
Hunger; air, psychogenic
Hyperacidity (gastric); psychogenic
Hyperactive, hyperactivity; gastrointestinal; psychogenic
Hyperchlorhydria; neurotic
Hyperchlorhydria; psychogenic
Hyperchylia gastrica, psychogenic
Hyperemesis; psychogenic
Hyperhidrosis, hyperidrosis; psychogenic
Hypermobility, hypermotility; colon; psychogenic
Hypermobility, hypermotility; intestine; psychogenic
Hypermobility, hypermotility; stomach; psychogenic
Hyperperistalsis; psychogenic
Hypersecretion; gastric; psychogenic
Hypersensitive, hypersensitiveness, hypersensitivity; gastrointestinal; psychogenic
Hypertension, hypertensive (accelerated) (benign) (essential) (idiopathic) (malignant) (systemic); psychogenic
Hypertony, hypertonia, hypertonicity; stomach; psychogenic
Hyperventilation (tetany); hysterical
Hyperventilation (tetany); psychogenic
Hyperventilation (tetany); syndrome
Hypoacidity, gastric; psychogenic
Hypochlorhydria; neurotic
Hypochlorhydria; psychogenic
Hypomotility; gastrointestinal (tract); psychogenic
Hypomotility; intestine; psychogenic
Hypomotility; stomach; psychogenic
Incontinence; psychogenic
Indigestion (acid) (bilious) (functional); nervous
Indigestion (acid) (bilious) (functional); psychogenic
Inertia; stomach; psychogenic
Irritable, irritability; bowel (syndrome); psychogenic
Irritable, irritability; colon; psychogenic
Irritable, irritability; heart (psychogenic)
Irritable, irritability; stomach; psychogenic
Irritation; gastric; psychogenic
Irritation; stomach; psychogenic
Menstruation; disorder; psychogenic
Menstruation; painful; psychogenic
Metrorrhagia; psychogenic
Micturition; disorder NEC; psychogenic
Micturition; frequency; psychogenic
Micturition; painful; psychogenic
Myasthenia; stomach, psychogenic
Nervous; heart
Nervous; stomach
Neurasthenia; cardiac
Neurasthenia; gastric
Neurasthenia; heart
Neurocirculatory asthenia
Neurogenic; heart
Neurosis, neurotic; bladder
Neurosis, neurotic; cardiac (reflex)
Neurosis, neurotic; cardiovascular
Neurosis, neurotic; colon
Neurosis, neurotic; cutaneous
Neurosis, neurotic; gastric
Neurosis, neurotic; gastrointestinal
Neurosis, neurotic; heart
Neurosis, neurotic; incoordination
Neurosis, neurotic; incoordination; larynx
Neurosis, neurotic; incoordination; vocal cord
Neurosis, neurotic; intestine
Neurosis, neurotic; larynx (sensory)
Neurosis, neurotic; musculoskeletal
Neurosis, neurotic; ocular NEC
Neurosis, neurotic; pharynx
Neurosis, neurotic; rectum
Neurosis, neurotic; respiratory
Neurosis, neurotic; rumination
Neurosis, neurotic; stomach
Neurosis, neurotic; vasomotor
Neurosis, neurotic; visceral
Nocturia; psychogenic
Nycturia; psychogenic
Oculogyric crisis or disturbance; psychogenic
Painful; menstruation; psychogenic
Palpitations (heart); psychogenic
Parageusia; psychogenic
Parosmia; psychogenic
Perversion, perverted; sense of smell and taste; psychogenic
Pneumophagia (psychogenic)
Pollakiuria; psychogenic
Polyuria; psychogenic
Pregnancy (single) (uterine); false
Proctospasm; psychogenic
Prurigo (ferox) (gravis) (Hebrae) (Hebra's) (mitis) (simplex); psychogenic
Pruritus, pruritic (essential); ani, anus; psychogenic
Pruritus, pruritic (essential); anogenital; psychogenic
Pruritus, pruritic (essential); neurogenic (any site)
Pruritus, pruritic (essential); psychogenic (any site)
Pruritus, pruritic (essential); scroti, scrotum; psychogenic
Pruritus, pruritic (essential); specified NEC; psychogenic
Pruritus, pruritic (essential); vulva, vulvae; psychogenic
Ptyalism (periodic); hysterical
Ptyalism (periodic); psychogenic
Pylorospasm (reflex) NEC; neurotic
Pylorospasm (reflex) NEC; psychogenic
Rapid; heart (beat); psychogenic
Relaxation; anus (sphincter); psychogenic
Respiration; disorder of, psychogenic
Respiration; sighing, psychogenic
Retention; urine; psychogenic
Rossbach's disease; psychogenic
Sighing; psychogenic
Soldier's; heart
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; anus, ani (sphincter) (reflex); psychogenic
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; bladder (sphincter, external or internal); psychogenic
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; colon; psychogenic
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; diaphragm (reflex); psychogenic
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; esophagus (diffuse); psychogenic
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; gastrointestinal (tract); psychogenic
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; glottis; psychogenic
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; intestinal; psychogenic
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; larynx, laryngeal; psychogenic
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; nervous
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; oculogyric; psychogenic
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; pharynx (reflex); hysterical
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; pharynx (reflex); psychogenic
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; psychogenic
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; pylorus NEC; psychogenic
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; rectum (sphincter); psychogenic
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; sigmoid; psychogenic
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; stomach; neurotic
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; throat; hysterical
Spasm (s), spastic, spasticity; throat; psychogenic
Subacidity, gastric; psychogenic
Syndrome; effort (psychogenic)
Syndrome; hyperventilation
Syndrome; irritable; bowel; psychogenic
Syndrome; irritable; heart (psychogenic)
Tachycardia; psychogenic
Tachypnea; hysterical
Tachypnea; psychogenic
Teeth; grinding; psychogenic
Tetany (due to); hyperpnea; psychogenic
Torticollis (intermittent) (spastic); psychogenic
Tumor; phantom
Upset; gastrointestinal; psychogenic
Upset; intestinal (large) (small); psychogenic
Upset; stomach; psychogenic
Urine; retention or stasis; psychogenic
Vasovagal attack (paroxysmal); psychogenic
Yawning; psychogenic