ICD 10 CM Codes

O60 Preterm labor
O61 Failed induction of labor
O62 Abnormalities of forces of labor
O63 Long labor
O64 Obstructed labor due to malposition and malpresentation of fetus
O65 Obstructed labor due to maternal pelvic abnormality
O66 Other obstructed labor
O67 Labor and delivery complicated by intrapartum hemorrhage, not elsewhere classified
O68 Labor and delivery complicated by abnormality of fetal acid-base balance
O69 Labor and delivery complicated by umbilical cord complications
O70 Perineal laceration during delivery
O71 Other obstetric trauma
O72 Postpartum hemorrhage
O73 Retained placenta and membranes, without hemorrhage
O74 Complications of anesthesia during labor and delivery
O75 Other complications of labor and delivery, not elsewhere classified
O76 Abnormality in fetal heart rate and rhythm complicating labor and delivery
O77 Other fetal stress complicating labor and delivery