ICD 10 CM Codes

Type 1 Excludes
allergic reaction to food, such as:
anaphylactic shock (reaction) due to adverse food reaction (T78.0-)
dermatitis (L23.6, L25.4, L27.2)
gastroenteritis (noninfective) (K52.2)
bacterial food borne intoxications (A05.-)
toxic effect of food contaminants, such as:
aflatoxin and other mycotoxins (T64)
cyanides (T65.0-)
hydrogen cyanide (T57.3-)
mercury (T56.1-)
T62.0 Toxic effect of ingested mushrooms
T62.1 Toxic effect of ingested berries
T62.2 Toxic effect of other ingested (parts of) plant(s)
T62.8 Toxic effect of other specified noxious substances eaten as food
T62.9 Toxic effect of unspecified noxious substance eaten as food