ICD 10 CM Codes

Type 2 Excludes
follow-up examination for medical surveillance after treatment (Z08-Z09)
Alternate Description
Categories Z40-Z53 are intended for use to indicate a reason for care. They may be used for patients who have already been treated for a disease or injury, but who are receiving aftercare or prophylactic care, or care to consolidate the treatment, or to deal with a residual state
Z40 Encounter for prophylactic surgery
Z41 Encounter for procedures for purposes other than remedying health state
Z42 Encounter for plastic and reconstructive surgery following medical procedure or healed injury
Z43 Encounter for attention to artificial openings
Z44 Encounter for fitting and adjustment of external prosthetic device
Z45 Encounter for adjustment and management of implanted device
Z46 Encounter for fitting and adjustment of other devices
Z47 Orthopedic aftercare
Z48 Encounter for other postprocedural aftercare
Z49 Encounter for care involving renal dialysis
Z51 Encounter for other aftercare
Z52 Donors of organs and tissues
Z53 Persons encountering health services for specific procedures and treatment, not carried out