ICD 10 CM Codes

O72.3 Postpartum coagulation defects
Billable Code  is a billable ICD-10-CM code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reimbursement purposes.
ICD-10-CM O72.3 converts approximately to:ICD-9-CM
2018 ICD-9-CM 666.32 Postpartum coagulation defects, delivered, with mention of postpartum complication
ICD-10-CM O72.3 converts approximately to:ICD-9-CM
2018 ICD-9-CM 666.34 Postpartum coagulation defects, postpartum condition or complication
Alternate Description
Postpartum afibrinogenemia
Postpartum fibrinolysis
ICD-10-CM Index Entry
ICD-10-CM Index entries containing back-references to ICD-10-CM '.O72.3.'
Afibrinogenemia; puerperal
Blood; dyscrasia; puerperal, postpartum
Circulating anticoagulants; following childbirth
Defect, defective; coagulation (factor); postpartum
Defibrination (syndrome); postpartum
Deficiency, deficient; coagulation NOS; postpartum
Disorder (of); hemorrhagic NEC; following childbirth
Dyscrasia; blood (with); puerperal, postpartum
Fibrinolysis (hemorrhagic) (acquired); postpartum
Hemolysis; intravascular; postpartum
Puerperal, puerperium (complicated by, complications); afibrinogenemia, or other coagulation defect
Puerperal, puerperium (complicated by, complications); blood dyscrasia
Puerperal, puerperium (complicated by, complications); coagulopathy (any)
Puerperal, puerperium (complicated by, complications); thrombocytopenia
Syndrome; defibrination; postpartum
Thrombocytopenia, thrombocytopenic; puerperal, postpartum