ICD 10 CM Codes

Q65 Congenital deformities of hip
Q66 Congenital deformities of feet
Q67 Congenital musculoskeletal deformities of head, face, spine and chest
Q68 Other congenital musculoskeletal deformities
Q69 Polydactyly
Q70 Syndactyly
Q71 Reduction defects of upper limb
Q72 Reduction defects of lower limb
Q73 Reduction defects of unspecified limb
Q74 Other congenital malformations of limb(s)
Q75 Other congenital malformations of skull and face bones
Q76 Congenital malformations of spine and bony thorax
Q77 Osteochondrodysplasia with defects of growth of tubular bones and spine
Q78 Other osteochondrodysplasias
Q79 Congenital malformations of musculoskeletal system, not elsewhere classified