ICD 10 CM Codes

fracture of cervical neural arch
fracture of cervical spine
fracture of cervical spinous process
fracture of cervical transverse process
fracture of cervical vertebral arch
fracture of neck
Code first
any associated cervical spinal cord injury (S14.0, S14.1-)
S12.0 Fracture of first cervical vertebra
S12.1 Fracture of second cervical vertebra
S12.2 Fracture of third cervical vertebra
S12.3 Fracture of fourth cervical vertebra
S12.4 Fracture of fifth cervical vertebra
S12.5 Fracture of sixth cervical vertebra
S12.6 Fracture of seventh cervical vertebra
S12.8 Fracture of other parts of neck
S12.9 Fracture of neck, unspecified