ICD 10 CM Codes

Type 1 Excludes
acute respiratory distress (syndrome) (J80)
anoxia due to high altitude (T70.2)
asphyxia NOS (R09.01)
asphyxia from carbon monoxide (T58.-)
asphyxia from inhalation of food or foreign body (T17.-)
asphyxia from other gases, fumes and vapors (T59.-)
respiratory distress (syndrome) in newborn (P22.-)
Alternate Description
Mechanical suffocation
Traumatic suffocation
T71.1 Asphyxiation due to mechanical threat to breathing
T71.2 Asphyxiation due to systemic oxygen deficiency due to low oxygen content in ambient air
T71.9 Asphyxiation due to unspecified cause