ICD 10 CM Codes

A05.0 Foodborne staphylococcal intoxication
Billable CodeA05.0 is a billable ICD-10-CM code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reimbursement purposes.
Type 1 Excludes
Clostridium difficile foodborne intoxication and infection (A04.7-)
Escherichia coli infection (A04.0-A04.4)
listeriosis (A32.-)
salmonella foodborne intoxication and infection (A02.-)
toxic effect of noxious foodstuffs (T61-T62)
ICD-10-CM Index Entry
ICD-10-CM Index entries containing back-references to ICD-10-CM '.A05.0.'
Colitis (acute) (catarrhal) (chronic) (noninfective) (hemorrhagic); staphylococcal; foodborne
Enteritis (acute) (diarrheal) (hemorrhagic) (noninfective) (septic); staphylococcal; due to food
Infection, infected, infective (opportunistic); staphylococcal, unspecified site; food poisoning
Intoxication; foodborne; due to; Staphylococcus
Intoxication; foodborne; enterotoxin, staphylococcal
Poisoning (acute); food (acute) (diseased) (infected) (noxious) NEC; due to; staphylococcus
Poisoning (acute); Staphylococcus, food
Toxemia; staphylococcal, due to food