ICD 10 CM Codes

B70.1 Sparganosis
Billable CodeB70.1 is a billable ICD-10-CM code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reimbursement purposes.
Alternate Description
Infection due to Sparganum (mansoni) (proliferum)
Infection due to Spirometra larva
Larval diphyllobothriasis
ICD-10-CM Index Entry
ICD-10-CM Index entries containing back-references to ICD-10-CM '.B70.1.'
Dibothriocephalus, dibothriocephaliasis (latus) (infection) (infestation); larval
Diphyllobothriasis (intestine); larval
Infection, infected, infective (opportunistic); Diphyllobothrium (adult) (latum) (pacificum); larval
Infection, infected, infective (opportunistic); fish tapeworm; larval
Infection, infected, infective (opportunistic); Sparganum (mansoni) (proliferum) (baxteri)
Infection, infected, infective (opportunistic); Spirometra larvae
Infestation; Bothriocephalus (latus); larval
Infestation; broad tapeworm; larval
Infestation; Dibothriocephalus (latus); larval
Infestation; Diphyllobothrium (adult) (latum) (intestinal) (pacificum); larval
Infestation; fish tapeworm; larval
Infestation; Sparganum (mansoni) (proliferum) (baxteri)
Infestation; Sparganum (mansoni) (proliferum) (baxteri); larval
Infestation; Spirometra larvae
Infestation; tapeworm; broad; larval
Infestation; tapeworm; fish; larval