ICD 10 CM Codes

T62.2X4 Toxic effect of other ingested (parts of) plant(s), undetermined
Non-Billable CodeT62.2X4 is not a billable ICD-10-CM diagnosis code and cannot be used to indicate a medical diagnosis.
Type 1 Excludes
allergic reaction to food, such as:
anaphylactic shock (reaction) due to adverse food reaction (T78.0-)
bacterial food borne intoxications (A05.-)
dermatitis (L23.6, L25.4, L27.2)
food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome (K52.21)
food protein-induced enteropathy (K52.22)
gastroenteritis (noninfective) (K52.29)
toxic effect of aflatoxin and other mycotoxins (T64)
toxic effect of cyanides (T65.0-)
toxic effect of hydrogen cyanide (T57.3-)
toxic effect of mercury (T56.1-)