ICD 10 External Cause Index

arc lamps W89.0
atomic power plant NEC (malfunction) W88.1
complication of or abnormal reaction to medical radiotherapy Y84.2
electromagnetic, ionizing W88.0
gamma rays W88.1
inadvertent exposure of patient (receiving test or therapy) Y63.3
infrared (heaters and lamps) W90.1
ionized, ionizing (particles, artificially accelerated) W88.1
isotopes, radioactive
laser (s) W90.2
light sources (man-made visible and ultraviolet) W89.9
man-made visible light W89.9
microwave W90.8
misadventure in medical or surgical procedure Y63.2
natural NEC X39.08
overdose (in medical or surgical procedure) Y63.2
radar W90.0
radioactive isotopes (any) W88.1
radiofrequency W90.0
radium NEC W88.1
sun X32
ultraviolet (light) (man-made) W89.9
welding arc, torch, or light W89.0
x-rays (hard) (soft) W88.0