ICD 9 CM Index

Adamantoblastoma M93100 Ameloblastoma
Adams Stokes Morgagni disease or syndrome syncope with heart block 426.9
Adaptation reaction s also Reaction adjustment 309.9
Addiction also Dependence
Addison Biermer anemia pernicious 281.0
Addison Gull disease Xanthoma
Addisonian crisis or melanosis acute adrenocortical insufficiency 255.41
Additional also Accessory
Adduction contracture hip or other joint Contraction joint
ADEM acute disseminated encephalomyelitis postinfectious 1369 323.61
Adenasthenia gastrica 536.0
Aden fever 061
Adenitis s also Lymphadenitis 289.3
Bartholins gland 616.89
Cowpers gland s also Urethritis 597.89
Skenes duct or gland s also Urethritis 597.89
Whartons duct suppurative 527.2
Adenoacanthoma M85703 Neoplasm by site malignant
Adenoameloblastoma M93000 213.1
Adenocarcinoma M81403 also Neoplasm by site malignant
NoteThe list of adjectival modifiers below is not exhaustive A description of adenocarcinoma that does not appear in this list should be coded in the same manner as carcinoma with that description Thus mixed acidophil basophil adenocarcinoma should be coded in the same manner as mixed acidophil basophil carcinoma which appears in the list under "Carcinoma."