ICD 9 CM Index

Zagaris disease xerostomia 527.7
Zahorskys disease exanthema subitum s also Exanthem subitum 058.10
Zellweger syndrome 277.86
Zenkers diverticulum esophagus 530.6
Ziehen Oppenheim disease 333.6
Zieves syndrome jaundice hyperlipemia and hemolytic anemia 571.1
Zika fever 066.3
Zollinger Ellison syndrome gastric hypersecretion with pancreatic islet cell tumor 251.5
Zona s also Herpes zoster 053.9
Zoophilia erotica 302.1
Zoophobia 300.29
Zoster herpes s also Herpes zoster 053.9
Zuelzer Ogden anemia or syndrome nutritional megaloblastic anemia 281.2
Zygodactyly s also Syndactylism 755.10
Zygomycosis 117.7
Zymotic condition