ICD 9 CM Codes

autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome (279.41)
adult type psychoses occurring in childhood, as:
affective disorders (296.0-296.9)
secondary neoplasm of:
manic-depressive disorders (296.0-296.9)
bone marrow (198.5)
schizophrenia (295.0-295.9)
spleen (197.8)
secondary and unspecified neoplasm of lymph nodes (196.0-196.9)
The following fifth-digit subclassification is for use with category 299:
0 current or active state
The following fifth-digit subclassification is for use with categories 200-202:
1 residual state
0 unspecified site, extranodal and solid organ sites
1 lymph nodes of head, face, and neck
2 intrathoracic lymph nodes
3 intra-abdominal lymph nodes
4 lymph nodes of axilla and upper limb
5 lymph nodes of inguinal region and lower limb
6 intrapelvic lymph nodes
7 spleen
8 lymph nodes of multiple sites
200 Lymphosarcoma and reticulosarcoma and other specified malignant tumors of lymphatic tissue
201 Hodgkin's disease
202 Other malignant neoplasms of lymphoid and histiocytic tissue
203 Multiple myeloma and immunoproliferative neoplasms
204 Lymphoid leukemia
205 Myeloid leukemia
206 Monocytic leukemia
207 Other specified leukemia
208 Leukemia of unspecified cell type