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288.2 Genetic anomalies of leukocytes
POA Exempt
Billable CodeICD-9-CM  288.2    is a billable medical code that can be used to specify a diagnosis on a reimbursement claim.
ICD-9-CM '288.2' will be replaced by an equivalent ICD-10-CM code (or codes) when the United States transitions from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM on October 1, 2015.
288.2 direcly converts to ICD-10-CM
ICD-10-CM D72.0 Genetic anomalies of leukocytes
icd9cmvol2 index entry
ICD-9-CM Volume 2 Index entries containing back-references to '.288.2.'
May (-Hegglin)
Alder-Reilly anomaly (leukocyte granulation)
Alder (-Reilly) (leukocyte granulation)
Alder's anomaly or syndrome (leukocyte granulation anomaly)
Alder's (leukocyte granulation anomaly)
azurophilic leukocytic
Bequez Cesar (-Steinbrinck-Chediak-Higashi) (congenital gigantism of peroxidase granules)
Chediak-Higashi (-Steinbrinck) anomaly, disease, or syndrome (congenital gigantism of peroxidase granules)
Chediak-Higashi (-Steinbrinck) (congenital gigantism of peroxidase granules)
Chediak-Steinbrinck (-Higashi) (congenital gigantism of peroxidase granules)
Dohle body-panmyelopathic
Dohle body-panmyelopathic syndrome
granulation (constitutional)
granulation or granulocyte, genetic
Hegglin's anomaly or syndrome
Hypersegmentation, hereditary
hypersegmentation of neutrophils, hereditary
Hyposegmentation of neutrophils, hereditary
Jordan's anomaly or syndrome
leukocytes, genetic
Leukomelanopathy, hereditary
May (-Hegglin) anomaly or syndrome
Neutrophilia, hereditary giant
neutrophil nuclei
Pelger-Huet anomaly or syndrome (hereditary hyposegmentation)
pelger-Huet (hereditary hyposegmentation)
Pelger-Huet (hereditary hyposegmentation)
Applies To
Anomaly (granulation) (granulocyte) or syndrome:
Alder's (-Reilly)
Ch├ędiak-Steinbrinck (-Higashi)
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