ICD 9 CM Codes

Use additional code for retained foreign body, if applicable,(V90.01-V90.9)
Use E code(s) to identify the cause and intent of the injury or poisoning (E800-E999)
1. The principle of multiple coding of injuries should be followed wherever possible. Combination categories for multiple injuries are provided for use when there is insufficient detail as to the nature of the individual conditions, or for primary tabulation purposes when it is more convenient to record a single code; otherwise, the component injuries should be coded separately.
Where multiple sites of injury are specified in the titles, the word "with" indicates involvement of both sites, and the word "and" indicates involvement of either or both sites. The word "finger" includes thumb.
2. Categories for "late effect" of injuries are to be found at 905-909.
800-829.1 Fractures
830-839.9 Dislocation
840-848.9 Sprains and Strains of Joints and Adjacent Muscles
850-854.19 Intracranial Injury, Excluding Those With Skull Fracture
860-869.1 Internal Injury of Thorax, Abdomen, and Pelvis
870-897.7 Open Wounds
900-904.9 Injury to Blood Vessels
905-909.9 Late Effects of Injuries, Poisonings, Toxic Effects, and Other External Causes
910-919.9 Superficial Injury
920-924.9 Contusion With Intact Skin Surface
925-929.9 Crushing Injury
930-939.9 Effects of Foreign Body Entering Through Orifice
940-949.5 Burns
950-957.9 Injury to Nerves and Spinal Cord
958-959.9 Certain Traumatic Complications and Unspecified Injuries
960-979.9 Poisoning By Drugs, Medicinal and Biological Substances
980-989.9 Toxic Effects of Substances Chiefly Nonmedicinal As to Source
990-995.94 Other and Unspecified Effects of External Causes
996-999.9 Complications of Surgical and Medical Care, Not Elsewhere Classified