ICD 9 CM Codes

maintenance chemotherapy following disease (V58.11)
V01-V06.9 Persons With Potential Health Hazards Related to Communicable Diseases
V07-V09.91 Persons With Need For Isolation, Other Potential Health Hazards and Prophylactic Measures
V10-V19.8 Persons With Potential Health Hazards Related to Personal and Family History
V20-V29.9 Persons Encountering Health Services In Circumstances Related to Reproduction and Development
V30-V39.2 Liveborn Infants According to Type of Birth
V40-V49.9 Persons With a Condition Influencing Their Health Status
V50-V59.9 Persons Encountering Health Services For Specific Procedures and Aftercare
V60-V69.9 Persons Encountering Health Services In Other Circumstances
V70-V82.9 Persons Without Reported Diagnosis Encountered During Examination and Investigation of Individuals and Populations
V83-V84.89 Genetics
V85-V85.54 Body Mass Index
V86-V86.1 Estrogen Receptor Status
V87-V87.49 Other Specified Personal Exposures and History Presenting Hazards to Health
V88-V88.29 Acquired Absence of Other Organs and Tissue
V89-V89.09 Other Suspected Conditions Not Found
V90-V90.9 Retained foreign body
V91-V91.99 Multiple gestation placenta status