ICD 9 CM Codes

gestational diabetes (648.8)
hyperglycemia NOS (790.29)
neonatal diabetes mellitus (775.1)
nonclinical diabetes (790.29)
Type I diabetes – see category 250
Type II diabetes – see category 250
The following fifth-digit subclassification is for use with category 249:
0 not stated as uncontrolled, or unspecified
1 uncontrolled
Use additional code to identify any associated insulin use (V58.67)
diabetes mellitus (due to) (in) (secondary) (with):
drug-induced or chemical induced
V20 Health supervision of infant or child
V21 Constitutional states in development
V22 Normal pregnancy
V23 Supervision of high-risk pregnancy
V24 Postpartum care and examination
V25 Encounter for contraceptive management
V26 Procreative management
V27 Outcome of delivery
V28 Encounter for antenatal screening of mother
V29 Observation and evaluation of newborns for suspected condition not found